• Welcome
    Welcome to website Lerch bizuterie
    If you can't read this text because
    it's fast, just move your mouse over it
    and it will stop. Our comanpany focus on
    sailing jellwery and import.
    As you can note- our website was
    completely redesigned. It has whole
    new function and entertainments,
    which will shure make you interessed.
  • Curent goods
    Into section Products we have add gallery
    curent goods, which you find in our
    store or you can order from commercial
    agent. You can check gallery.
  • Import goods
    Within sailing shoping centres,
    we are importing goods over whole
    Czech republic. More info you get
    in section ABOUT. If you belong to
    standing clientele you can use this website to choose goods or check price.
    In future we might add E-shop.

Welcome to website Lerch bizuterie

Welcome to website Lerch bizuterie. Here you can find the information you need. Our company focuses on selling jewellery and imports. We have existed since 1993. Our focus is wholesale distributing activity all over the Czech Republic including sales in shopping centers.

We seek a good ratio between quality and sales price. Every year we show at the Expo STYLE and KABO in Brno. On our stand you can find the new goods. Also you can contact us, we glad to come to you with our offer. Goods are directly on the car and you can buy it immediately.

Have a nice day.

Latest news

November 2015

STYLE Kabo Brno 2016

Wea are preparing for STYLE Kabo 2016

November 2015

New gallery photos

New gallery photos!

May 30, 2013

Olympia closed

Unfortunately our shop at Olympia center is closed

Fabruary 17, 2013


We are joining to Styl Kabo 2013.

May 2012

New website desing

Our site has new desing and also new functions